The Best is Yet to Come

By understanding how the affair has affected you both, you can start reshaping your future. When you learn how to appreciate alternate perspectives you can start seeing beyond the pain and you can start moving towards exactly what you want.

No Step by Step Manuals

We don’t believe in step by step guides to healing. Experience shows that rigid self-help guides don’t consider your individuality and your personal experiences. Your learning and growing based on your relationship will help you to heal and grow.

Active Engagement

Healing your marriage will take effort, putting your head in the sand and waiting for this storm to pass will always be ineffective. For true healing you need to acquire the skills to heal your marriage and understand the nature of affairs. Fear breeds in the unknown, by understanding how affairs happen you will be able to better protect your marriage.

Looking Ahead

After getting an initial understanding of the affair and dealing with painful triggers, your healing journey will focus on what lies ahead. Affair Healing believe revisiting and analysing past events will never change them. We believe your energy is best spent looking at what you can do today to make a better tomorrow.

Your Pace

Your healing is important to us and we know that your pace will always be just right. Your affair healing journey is all about you and working at a pace you feel comfortable with. Andrew believes a little better everyday far outweighs maybe all better sometime in the future.