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Is your spouse in an affair fog? So, what does this all mean? Wondering why this happened to you? Do you want to start your affair recovery?

You need not be alone in infidelity recovery. Affair Healing is here to help you heal and restore your marriage and to help you regain your sanity. Affair Healing is a completely free online resource to help couples and individuals gain the insight and perspective they need to truly heal while they grow stronger.

Affair Healing wants to show you that there is a path from despair to real happiness. There is an option that does not involve sweeping infidelity under the rug, we shared resources to show you how to address an affair and thereafter move it into the past where it belongs. By teaching you the skills and techniques to keep your marriage safe you will also get the tools to help you to avoid future risks.

We understand that not every marriage is salvageable therefore Affair Healing also supports individuals from irretrievable marriages to move beyond the affair and better understand their wayward spouse’s actions. In addition to helping you regain their identity and confidence.

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Your Affair Healing journey starts with you. Start taking back your life, better days are coming!

Keeping It Together

Uncovering an affair will rock even the toughest people to their very core. Discovering or being told of an affair can make you doubt everything you know, and it will challenge everything you hold dear. Knowing what to expect will give you the upper hand in recovery. The first few months following discovery can be a challenging time.

Taking Care Of You

You are the indispensable part of your healing journey and regardless of what your wayward spouse chooses to do, you are the one that needs to emerge from affair recovery stronger and wiser than ever before. Affair recovery is not always about a healed marriage, it can also be about the personal healing of the betrayed spouse.

Educating Yourself

Affairs are not a topic usually associated with learning new skills, as morbid as you may find the topic there is much to be learnt and understood about affairs. How you and your spouse approach recovery will be unique to your marriage, the key is learning and gaining perspective to help you both grow beyond who you both once were.


Learn how to engage with your spouse, even in these trying times. It may seem strange that you need to learn to talk to someone that you’ve committed to spend the rest of your life with. Unfortunately, poor communication ability on both sides has probably had some bearing on the course of your marriage to date.

Meet Andrew

Having rebuilt his relationship after the devastation of a marital affair, Andrew acquired marriage redemption skills that he now shares to help individuals and couples heal their marriages.

During his own affair recovery journey Andrew realised that after infidelity too many marriages end prematurely. He had found that despite the affair being a serious injustice to a marriage, more couples actually divorce based on their spouse’s actions after the discovery. For this reason couples and individuals who educate themselves about affairs are much more likely to save their relationship because they avoid the common pitfalls that often lead to divorce.

Knowing that not all marriages are salvageable, Andrew also has information for individuals from irretrievable marriages, so that they can move beyond the affair and helps them regain their identity and confidence once more.

Most of all Andrew want you to be empowered you so that you truly understand what you really want.

Can a marriage ever truly heal after an affair?

Discovery day (DDay) is the day a spouse uncovers their partner’s infidelity. It is an anniversary no spouse wants in their calendar. While there is no disputing that the early days after discovery are unpleasant, the initial shock does pass. And later on, when emotions have settled, the rebuilding of the relationship begins. Although a…


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What makes a spouse cheat?

Betrayed spouses usually have 1 question “How could you do this?” Unfortunately, at the point of discovery few wayward spouses know the actual reasons why. Affairs are all consuming, so most cheating spouses only think about consequences and motive when exposed. Be prepared to wait for the truth. Affair fog does impact rational thinking. Although…


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